His Orgasm

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Use Edging

Edging refers to starting and stopping sex in order to reset orgasm timers. To do this, build up till you are both close to orgasm and then slow things down. You can even stop for 30 seconds. This prepares the body for a highly intense orgasm.

Dirty Talk

If you can come up with an eyebrow-raising, sexy stuff before and during sex, use it to ensure that your man achieves real great orgasm. In some cases, you can drive him crazy by whispering a few phrases in his ear. A magic word or sentence can be all you need to drive him wild.

Prostate Stimulation

This is not something for every man. It might also not be something that you can do for your man at once. However, if he is open for it, use it to make sure that he reaches orgasm like never before.

Sometimes it can be something as simple as holding a dirty conversation before sex that will make your man enjoys a unique and unforgettable orgasm. Try these tips to make his orgasm the best ever.

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