Welcome to AUTHENTIC ESCORTS, a new escort directory with a difference, which is being developed for the main purpose of looking out for the wellbeing of both clients and escorts, in order to try to insure that both parties are treated fairly, with a degree of respect, honesty and care.

After doing extensive research about the industry and listening to anecdotes of both escorts and clients, it is our intention to weed out bad escorts & bad clients, thus making this site as one of the main sites to look for genuine, good and authentic escorts.

Unfortunately there are a certain number of bad clients out there, which look to cheat, abuse, physically assault or even rob escorts, as well as escorts (including escort agencies) who rush clients, do not provide the services they said they do, turn away clients because of their race/colour, or use underhanded methods such as bait & switch to gain clients. By working together we will be able to eventually reduce all of this wrong doing on a big scale.